Unwinding, rewinding, cutting, folding, stacking, inserting, packing, consulting and software are just some of the areas in which Kern can offer a broad range of solutions and services.

Inserting   Continuous Forms   Cut Sheet Input



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Continuous Forms Input

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Cut Sheet Input


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EPC   Output Modules   Plastic Card

Envelope Production Channel

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Output Modules


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Plastic Card affixing to Carrier

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Plastic Card   Logistics   Secure Passport Delivery

Plastic Card Personalisation




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Secure Passport Delivery

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Mail Sortation   White Paper Management   Polywrap

Mail Sortation

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White Paper Management

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Bookmakers   Products for Digital Print   Print Finishing

Book Makers

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Products for Digital Print

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Print Finishing

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Print/Colour Validation   /resized images/wacky_business_man_pointing_resized    

Print/colour Validation


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Packaging Solutions



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