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About - Mailing

Kern develops and manufactures innovative, high-speed document inserting systems and mail wrapping systems that can be augmented and completed by a variety of input and output modules.

We are recognised as a leading a provider of integrated document-processing system solutions. Thanks to mailFactory services and software solutions, Kern inserting systems can be incorporated into just about any IT environment.

The Kern range is ideal for organisations handling a large volume of documents with complex mailing lines, who need reliable solutions to handle digital printing, processing of continuous computer forms, folding and inserting.

As a result of continuous development and refinement  we can offer solutions in four strategic business areas, covering the complete range of state-of-the-art mail production. We have solutions for:

  • folding and inserting systems with optical readers
  • complex mailing lines
  • processing of continuous computer forms
  • products for pre- and post processing for digital printing