Kern 2500 Multichannel

The Kern 2500 Multichannel provides superb performance and flexibility that continuously delivers flawless mailings in accordance with a variety of needs. Through carefully conceived design and modular construction, the K2500 can be configured to the widest variety of production application requirements.



Intelligent Mail Management
The K2500 Multichannel's inserting module represents a milestone in the evolution of automatic mailing systems. After being conveyed a short distance, envelopes are filled with collated documents and sealed. Electronic monitoring devices intelligently track your documents throughout the system to ensure accurate processing. A variety of inspection and output bins, as well as an ergonomic output conveyor belt, facilitate the handling of filled envelopes. Operators are given an advantage through clearly displayed information on the touch-screen monitor. K2500 operators are shown important processing information; from sheet, envelope and insertion counts to stack heights and user access authorization.

The Cutter
The cutter directs the operation of the entire system via the easily adjustable reading system. The automatic cutter, with exceptional cutting capacity, can be equipped with optical mark, barcode, Datamatrix, or OCR recognition. Whether you are working with printed documents on a roll or fanfold paper, excellent cutting quality is essential to successfully processing your mail. 

The K2500’s integrated folding module makes virtually every kind of vertical and horizontal fold possible. Pages can be folded separately or in groups and with just a few simple adjustments, the folding system can be changed to accommodate different document formats. Various documents of different sizes and paper quality can be folded as required and fed continuously. All folding and feeder stations accommodate high stack capacity and can be loaded with inserts from both sides of the Kern 2500 Multichannel.

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Open House 2014

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