Book Makers - Semi & Auto

Easy Binder K300

  • One-clamp PUR perfect binder designed for low-medium volume production 
  • Productivity: 300 books per hour  
  • Maximum book size: 450 x 320 x 50 mm, minimum book size:100 x 120 x 1 mm  
  • Electro-pneumatic clamp with a minimum distance between book spine and the clamp to reduce the mushroom effect, assuring a perfect square spine
  • Thanks to its brushless motor, maximum accuracy is met between the book-block and the cover
  • The milling station has 4 Micro-notching and 2 Notching and interchangeable brushes prepare the spine for perfect glue application to allow production of flat books
  • Milling station can be disengaged for sewing books production
  • User friendly patented glue application device is fully hermetic, applies the glue directly without any tubes to be able to work with PUR or Hot Melt glue without changing the nozzle
  • Built in patented automatic cleaning system
  • The nipping station is adjustable in height, time  and pressure to allow application of heavy cover on the book without creasing
  • Manual book extraction at the exit
  • Thanks to a patented system, the books remain in a vertical position with no urgency to remove the finished book from the EasyBinder
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