K50 Automatic Packaging Machine

K50 Box Forming System  

The new and innovative K50 box and tray former from Kern is capable of forming boxes and trays that can be used to contain fruit, vegetables and other pre-packed food items.

This packaging solution forms boxes and trays directly from feed in cardboard sheets.

Up to 35 boxes and trays can be produced per hour. The K50 format changes are made quickly and easily, avoiding unnecessary downtime, which includes the creation of the boxes’ four corners.

Box cartoning machinery that is currently on the market adopts an entirely manual switch format. This means the operator must make long manual changes to vary from one box format to another. This normally causes long machine stops and higher error rates.

The K50 really changes the rules of the game through the introduction of the automated format switch. Simply select the desired format from the control panel and 44 servomotors will move the tools to configure the machine to produce the chosen format.

This packaging solution can obtain different types of corners with a continuous production to meet the needs related to the resistance of the plateaux and their functionality.

The K50 advantages don’t finish here: by changing the configuration the machine can also produce boxes or trays with integrated and non-integrated lids.

A wide range of boxes can be made to suit your packaging needs.