Data Tracker Kern 135


Data Tracker Kern 135 is a new quality control system for connection to all continuous printer types in a high volume print and mail production. This new high speed and high resolution camera module allows all images to be checked and scans all print output in 1-up, 2-up, 3-up or 4-up sizes.

This device allows you to control print, image and toner quality, data integrity, sequences and matching, correctness and position of front/back side, logo, paper etc. as well as allowing you to read all barcodes types.

With the analysis software and open source, the Kern quality control system can be connected an integrated into all existing ADF software architectures, workflows and document management systems.

This versatile Kern device possesses its own integrated paper transport system and can be installed online or offline with a processing speed of up to 200 m/min.

Customers in the Graphic arts, Direct Mail, Transpromo, transaction, insurance and financial industry require zero defect production, print quality monitoring and data tracking capabilities. Achieving these goals cuts cost, reduces waste and improves production quality and efficiency.

DataTracker Kern 135 full-width Integrity systems meet these requirements at up to 200m/min. A state-of-the-art high speed, high resolution line scan camera checks the full web width.

  • This gives you full control of printed output to detect data errors, monitor print quality, manage re-prints and offer a full track & trace audit trail to your customers. Kern 135 DataTracker delivers production supervision and integrity and supports your personalized document production needs. 
  • High speed high resolution line scan cameras check the full web width and scan all images and printed output in one, two, three or four-up configurations
  •  Processing speed up to 200m/min with Pinless/Pinfeed
  • Easy to use thanks to user friendly touch screen interface
  • Integrated paper transport system allows for ultimate flexibility in on-line or off-line configurations
  • Connects to and integrates into all existing ADF software architectures, workflows and Document Management Systems
  • Checks integrity of prints, images, toner quality, data integrity, sequences and matching recto-verso, streaker control, blank space, colour registration, positioning, page shuffle detection, contrast analysis logo or paper, addresses and addresses structure control
  • Supports control using 2D barcodes like Datamatrix, or OMR or OCR or barcode or postal code
  • A sophisticated interface supports communication with all types of printing and inserting systems, and other post processing devices
  • Easy installation and mobility thanks to integrated casters


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