Envelope Producing Channel



This module is unique to Kern, offering top-end technolgy and added value. Kern’s new EPC module is an innovative solution, when connected to the Kern 3500, for envelope production on the fly.

There’s also an option to print the envelopes directly online with logos or any other content. Within minutes, the EPC module can be retrofitted onto any Kern 3500, resulting in a rapid changeover using standard envelopes.

 Features and Benefits

  • Produce personalised envelopes with variable data, addresses, logos, promotional messages etc.
  • Digital pre-printed paper (fix and variable data). Matching mode at inserting station.
  • Offset pre-printed paper (logo/fix data), using black inkjet at the exit (address).
  • White paper, using colour inkjet print@exit
  • Envelope stock reduction
  • Zero supply time
  • No manual envelopes loading especially with more jobs in one roll
  • Upgrade to new or existing Kern 3500
  • Possibility to use ‘standard’ envelope



To find out how your business can benefit from this latest innovation from the Kern range, call us now or speak with one of our product experts.