Full Page Scan


Transpromotional printing concepts are gaining ground in today’s customer communications. The additional information on transactional documents means that identification codes are individually positionable on every document. When processing such documents, flexible reading of the codes is a must.

This is where Kern’s FullPageScan provides the ideal solution. The reading system has no problem capturing various codes from differing positions on the page. This ability vastly increases job processing reliability. FullPageScan reduces the number of manual interventions, which accelerates the speed of getting your job done.

Kern FullPageScan captures data from the page as the paper is passing through. This makes it possible to run the input module at maximum speed. Even with many different applications in use, there are no delays due to the reading system. Kern FullPageScan can read all of the processing codes in current use, such as OMR, barcode, datamatrix and OCR.

Recognition of logos, marks and addresses is also possible thanks to this clever technology.

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