K130/K141 Roll to Cut & Stack

Cutting Line Kern 130 / Kern 141

A high speed rotary cutter line solution with stacker, merger and sequencer option.

The new type of roll to cut & stack solution provides high performance and speed, space saving, is easy to operate and has good price/benefit ratio solution.  

This new rotary technology offers all  functions and features like processing speed of up to 200 m/min, pinless or pinfeed with 1-up, 2-up, 3-up or 4-up options, as well as high stack capacity with offset functionality, etc.  

This new Kern roll to cut & stack solution can be connected to all continuous printer types for high volume print and finishing production and can be integrated in an online, offline or nearline configuration as well as in combination with other finishing devices s book, booklet or folder lines. 

Thanks to the use of an innovative (patent applied for) accurate feed system, the Kern 130 rotary cutter line enables the user to obtain stacked cut sheets over a wide format range together with job offset capability. One to four up applications are possible with this innovative combination.

A low inertia rotary knife enables speeds in excess of 200m/min (640ft/min) to be reached. Equipper with an optional dual knife, the unit will provide chip cutting capability and chip disposal. Unit features: small footprint, user friendliness, automatic loading and optional feeders for 3-4 up applications. 


  • Pinless 2-up sequencing
  • Processing speed in excess of 640 ft/min (200 m/min)
  • High speed cutting over a wide range of formats
  • Chip cutting and chip disposal
  • User oriented. Automatic web loading
  • One to four up applications possible with the addition of optional feeders
  • Protected technology (patent applied for)
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Full color graphic user interface
  • Offline or Online with any printer
  • Stack offset or stack evacuation without stopping printer
  • Odd or even page count for job separation
  • 1D or 2D barcode reader

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