K1600 continuous feed multi format system

The Kern 1600 continuous feed boasts a high degree of flexibility, fast setup, the greatest possible reliability, and ease of operation. It is suitable for use in the transactional and direct advertising markets, as well as in lettershops.

Kern has incorporated customer needs in the development of the system and has designed the multi format inserting system to be fed from a continuous pile feeder or reel. Its design was aimed deliberately at industrial packaging, rather than office systems. The Kern 1600 continuous feed can therefore be used permanently in continuous 3-shift operation, offering its users a high level of protection of their investment.

The Kern 1600 continuous feed is incredibly flexible in terms of application processing. By incorporating and adapting components from the Kern product family, the company has made the Kern 1600 continuous feed fully compatible with existing Kern systems.

A Kern 996 or Kern 996 compact high speed cutter feeds the continuous stationery to the DFM rotating and folding module. Depending on the application, the rotating and folding module can rotate the documents by 90 or 180 degrees, or feed them straight through. The built-in logic decides - according to the application - whether a document or a document group requires rotation (available in both directions), for correct envelope insertion according to window position.

Two standard grouping stations can collate the packing groups, both before and after folding. The group sequence can be converted between top and bottom, thus offering maximum processing flexibility. Optionally, documents can be fed via the single sheet feeding module, for processing by folding or non-folding applications. The group sequence can be converted between top and bottom, thus offering maximum processing flexibility.

The individuality of the Kern 1600 can be expanded even further, with the system channel. This allows the Kern 971 input module to be incorporated for single sheets; and, with the "turnover" option, the ability to group with even more flexibility.

The Kern 1600 continuous feed with system channel is always supplied with a single sheet input module. The inserter can, just like the rest of the system, be converted to a new application quickly and easily.

The system is equipped with diverter and shingling conveyor. Additional pockets can optionally be provided.

The system can be factory fitted with automatic adjusters if desired. This reduces conversions to a few manual operator interventions. The system is characterised by its very brief conversion time, and fast availability for new slots.

The system is operated via a user-optimisied touch panel. Should a fault occur, it supports the user with images. The effort required to operate the single sheet feeder and feeding station modules has been reduced to a minimum. The operator's manual is accessed via modern keys, in a few steps.

Quick overview Kern 1600 continuous feed:

Document format:

1-up format width: 148-295mm

2-up format width: 296-520mm

Document length: 89-407mm

Paper weight:

70–120 g/m2

Maximum output capacity/processing:

C6/5 and C5: 12,000 packages/hour

C4: 8,000 packages/hour


4 pocket folding unit

Envelope formats:

C6/5 to B4

Enclosure stations:


Enclosure format (L×W):

min. 80×130 mm to

max. 229×305 mm

Optional automatic format adjustments

Max. packing thickness:

12 mm

Software support:

Kern mailFactory® compatible

 Personal advisory service on-site

  •  System integration
  •  Requirement analysis
  •  Work out an ideal solution
  •  On-site training of your employees
  •  Comprehensive support during operational phase

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