K160 Dynamic Perforator


The Kern 160 multi-function dynamic perforator has been designed to meet the exacting requirements of specialist printers who wish to convert plain documents into complex custom documents on-line with high-speed digital printers.

The Kern 160 is a diverse and extremely versatile multi-functional machine which can be configured with multiple converting processes, including horizontal and vertical perforators, sprocket punching, pattern die cutting, file hole punching, security punching, ink jet print heads, embossing, laminating and coating modules.

Ideal for applications such as Transpromo, security printing, itemized billing applications, statements, certificates and coupons. 


  • Unique flexibility meeting all current and future customer needs 
  • Modularity allows unlimited tool combinations between vertical / horizontal perforations, special shape punching, file holes, die cut, embossing, pinfeed punching, ring binding, ink jet print heads, laminating and coating modules
  • Processing speed up to 182 m/min (597 ft/min) to maintain printer capabilities
  • Tungsten Carbide tooling when required for unrivalled longevity
  • Fixed size or dynamic punching and vertical / horizontal perforation thanks to Barcode or Datamatrix control, able to process print on demand applications
  • User friendly touch screen operator control. Complete with protected engineering diagnostics and 20 job storage (more on request) to shorten operator workload
  • Combination of beams allows horizontal perforation as close as wished specially needed for Transpromo or DM application
  • Up to 6 independent vertical perforating heads per converting module to perforate wherever it is needed
  • Quick tool change for maximum up time of the finishing line
  • Base stocks supplied direct from the mill, can save material costs by up to 30%, can reduce base material inventory
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