K40 Adressing and Output Modules

Electronic Labelling Module

Designed to cut and apply pre-printed labels. The labels are printed in rows and/or columns on continuous forms on which the change of postal codes is marked.

The labelling module includes a folding unit for labels that need to be folded.

Adhesive Labelling Module

Used to apply pre-printed, self-adhesive labels automatically.

The module can be used either to affix labels produced by offset or digital printers for dedicated advertising applications, or to apply labels for conventional mailing applications.

Ink Jet Printer

Used to print addresses and additional information on labels, newspapers, magazines, film, etc. The unit can be installed to print addresses on the film before packages are wrapped. It can also be mounted on a feeder to print directly on the products to wrap, or it can be installed at the exit of the wrapping system.

Shrink Tunnel

Used to achieve perfect contact between wrapped products and plastic film. Shrink wrapped products are more stable and look better. Shrink wrapping is recommended for books and other products displayed and sold by retailers.

Two-Stage Stacking Module

This automatic stacker features two pre-stacking stages and a revolving base to collect wrapped products. The operator can select whether products are ejected with each change of postal codes, or in accordance with other criteria programmed for the application.

The stacker can release products in line with the processing direction or at a right angle to it.



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