K5000 Multi Format System


Direct Mail

The Kern 5000 multi format system is designed for customers who need to handle different envelope and document formats, have to rearrange daily and react quickly to changing situations in the mailroom.

The Kern 5000 can be equipped with the well-known continuous forms or single sheet modules. In combination with the Kern 996 cutter, the system is also ideal for white-paper processing.

To process a wide variety of inserts the inserting system can be equipped with various feeding stations (rotary – friction – shuttle feeder, etc.).

From the high-performance systems of Kern AG, the principle of linear flow, which has proven itself for many years, has been adopted. Starting from the feeding of the input module the documents are constantly in motion. Thanks to the continuous transport without start and stop, the output of the Kern 5000 system can be increased.

For complex applications where for example multiple requests of the attachment stations are required, it is also possible to operate the whole system in a start-stop mode.

The machine can be fully integrated into Kern mailFactory. Whether output reading or file based processing, the system can be integrated into existing or new environments in just a few steps.

The Kern 5000 processes C6 - B4 envelopes with a maximum output of 16,000 envelopes/h. For Kern the highest performance was not the main focus of development, but a flexible system that is quickly adaptable and available for further production within the shortest time.

Product Sheet


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