Kern 996 Automatic Cutter

Kern automatic cutters meet the varying requirements for form processing, either from the roll or from continuous stack, whether pinfeed or pinless. The working sequence is electronically monitored and the clean paper feed ensures high quality cutting. All the components are quickly accessible and replaceable. A variety of accessories is available the the cutter range. Carefully selected input modules are important for processing speed and the overall document inserting performance.

The Kern 996: Powerful automatic continuous forms cutter

The Kern 996 cutter processes a wide variety of applications, offers great flexibility and high performance effficiency. It's an efficient input module for high productivity with a touch screen interface allowing for fast system access. The automated paper fed accelerates the setup process. The paper flow is clearly visible and easily accesible so adjustments take little time.

The paper transport is equippped to handle both pinless and pinfed material. All popular standard codes, such as bar code, data matrix, OMR or OCR can be processed securely as the module is equipped with the same technology as the Kern 2600, Kern 3600 and Kern 5000 inserting systems.

With the Kern 996 non printed and non formatted "white" areas (white paper) between two print jobs or during interruptions are detected and removed. The GT grouping and diversion station diverts white formatted or non formatted documents. The standard diverting bin capacity is 150 sheets (A4) which can be increased using a drop stacker where required. This streamlines processing and increases efficiency.

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