Kern 996 Automatic Cutter


Efficient input modules are the key to successful inserting these days – and as such they are crucial to high-productivity dispatching.

With the award-winning Kern 996 Automatic Cutter, you have a module that meets every requirement placed on a high-performance continuous forms cutter: strong cutting performance, simple to operate, and high safety standards. The Kern 996 Automatic Cutter can be combined with all current Kern systems, processes a wide diversity of applications, and is quickly readied for work. This module will accelerate your document mailings.

Simplicity of operation is a key feature of this automatic cutter. Ergonomic design and a touch-screen interface provide rapid access to the system. Paper is loaded automatically, making the setup process even faster. The flow of paper is clearly visible, and the paper can be easily accessed, so adjustments take very little time.

The Kern 996 Automatic Cutter is able to cut up to 66,000 documents per hour and is designed for continuous operation.

The automatic cutter is compatible with all current Kern systems. Equipped with the same technologies found in the Kern 2600 Inserting System, it fits in seamlessly with the new product generation.


The Kern 996 can be augmented by a variety of optional features, making it fully configurable to your needs. These options make the module even more adaptable to special job requirements.

Documents can be read by means of scanners, cameras, or dynamic OMR sensors interfaced to Kern’s standard Oculus software. All of the common types of code are readable: barcode, datamatrix, OMR and OCR.

Reading on the fly is possible. The reading area can include the entire front and back of a document. The Kern 996 comprehensively monitors the logical flow of documents and intervenes immediately in the event of a fault.

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