Kern 999 High Performance Cutter


There is an ongoing trend towards an ever increasing quantity of content per envelope. In the past, it was the performance of the document inserting system that was the focus. Today it is the document input modules that are viewed as the key factors for effective processing.

Kern has launched the pioneering Kern 999 High-Performance Cutting System, a totally new type of high-performance cutting and grouping system. With a nominal rating topping of 40,000 cuts per hour (2up = 80,000) the Kern 999 High-Performance Cutting System establishes a new industry standard. In combination with the high-performance Kern 3500 Inserting System, and with optimum print preparation, up to four sheets per envelope can be processed at the full speed of the document inserter!

With the Kern 100 Unwinder, Kern has also advanced into new territory in the field of roll unwinders. The Kern 100 Unwinder’s impressive top speed of 240 meters per minute is reached.

All the system and jobs settings are made via the ergonomic touch screen, including the control of the automatic threading and rewinding functions. Kern has also taken innovative steps in the service sector: Kern unwinders can be diagnosed and serviced remotely via the Internet.

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