Second Kern Inserting System for Baker Goodchild

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The Company : Mailing House Baker Goodchild/corporate/101_05874

Fast paced and dedicated to achieving excellent results, Baker Goodchild is the UK’s leading direct mail fulfilment and print services provider. Based in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham, the privately owned company operates throughout the UK and internationally. They support their customers with the provision of print, mail and postal solutions from start to finish and everything in-between.  With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, the firm combines the latest printing innovations with direct mail technology to create the perfect end result.

The Challenge : Response to Higher Output

In 2011 Baker Goodchild purchased the Kern 2500’s predecessor, the Kern K2000, which helped to process 7 million items per annum. In the last 3 years, their client base has risen by 45% which has resulted in a significant increase for their mailroom department. Processing in excess of 16 million items per annum by 2014, Wesley Sinclair, Operations Director, needed to expand its mailroom equipment capacity. For our high volume work e.g. job runs of 100k, we were creating an extra 3 shifts to complete the increased volumes of work. In order to save valuable time and resources, I knew we needed to factor in a system upgrade so that additional staff could be utilised elsewhere within the business Wesley comments.

The Solution : The Robust K2500

Kern’s solution was to supply a 2nd user K2500 multi mailer inserting system. As one of the most reliable multi-purpose, high speed, flexible mailing systems on the market today, the K2500 has given Baker Goodchild all of the design and build qualities of the complete Kern range. They’re very solid systems and always have been Wesley adds. With speeds of up to 12,000 cycles per hour, the system can easily handle larger volumes of work in a day. For quick change overs from one job to another, its flexibility enables operators to quickly swap between DL and C5 formats. “Over the years, I’ve always remembered the versatility of the Kern inserters and so I knew straight away that we needed to purchase the K2000’s successor (the K2500)” Wesley states.

The Benefits of Investing in a Kern System

The K2500, which occupies a smaller footprint, helps Baker Goodchild to process higher volumes of work in just one day. The system frees up some of their employees enabling them to be utilised elsewhere within the business. The K2500 processes 80k-100k a day, which from a production point of view, is fantastic for us!” Their system operators have also transferred their skills directly from one system to another. “Due to the similarity between the two systems, our operators didn’t need any additional training, which meant they could start using the K2500 straight away. Wesley explains. Peace of mind due to reliability and quality was also very important, the Kern’s have always been very solid systems and if things go wrong, which isn’t very often, they’re easy to fix.”

Conclusion | Kern’s Reliability Exceeds expectations

Kern’s K2500 inserting system has given Baker Goodchild the continued peace of mind that their newly installed system will process increased volumes of work within tight time constraints. “The most important values for me are system productivity, integrity, quality and a good working relationship. On all fronts, Kern continues to excel and so it makes perfect sense for us to partner with Kern” Wesley concludes.

Baker Goodchild Case Study