Kern Heritage


Marc Kern, Founder


Launched in Switzerland in 1947 by Marc Kern, the Kern Group has established a unique place in the document management sector. Driven by innovation and a continual commitment to customers, the company continues to prosper, with divisions across the world and a thriving mailing and packaging arm in the UK.

Ulrich Kern

These developments have resulted in steady growth, with subsidiaries founded in Germany, France, the US, Spain, Russia and Belgium, which operate under the direction of Ulrich Kern, our founder's son.

Kern Limited was set up in 1983 to meet the needs of customers across the United Kingdom and for over 30 years our business continues to go from strength to strength.

Our Technology

The precise production of every Kern system is carried out by qualified and motivated people - regardless of whether it is an automatic cutter or a highly complex mail processing installation.

Engineering specialists develop the inner workings of the machines, coming up with creative solutions in every area. This enables us to reach our highest goal - to provide our customers with safe and reliable cutting-edge products. In day-to-day operations, Kern's products are capable of performing trouble-free at the highest level.

The precise architecture of technology and software is an important sign of quality. But Kern is also a leader in design. Our systems are regular recipients of prestigious industrial design awards.

The achievement of high quality standards is not simply an expression of our commitment to hard work - all the essential certifications and standards confirm Kern to be a leader in the industry.

Research and Development

Kern is always a step ahead of the current state of technological development, setting the international standard when it comes to creative innovation. This advantage stems from our own research and development facilities in Switzerland.

Production and Assembly Specialists

The obsession with quality also governs all stages of production and assembly. Simplified decision-making structures and procedures help to speed up workflow. Equipment and tools are always up-to-date. This means that our orders can be processed efficiently and deliveries to our customers are completed on time.