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About Kern

Kern develops and manufactures technologically sophisticated inserting systems for document and card processing and packaging, digital printer pre and post-processing, 24/7 Smart Terminals and automated document factory software (ADF).

With our state of the art technologies and innovations, Kern influences the inserting system and mail distribution line sectors on a global level. Notable features of Kern inserting systems are their exceptional user-friendliness, reliabiity and flexibility, and of course speed.

Integrated solution design and comprehensive service provision in all aspects of the mailing process are the building blocks of our company. There's a reason why our systems continue to receive prestigious industrial design awards. Our quality oriented approach is applied to our production and installation processes, and our highly skilled personnel ensure our machines are produced to the highest quality standards in Switzerland and the EU.

From cutting machines right through to complex packaging installations, our machinery is always at the cutting edge of technology. This enables us to offer our customers secure and future proof solutions, as well as maximum production performance.

Do you need advice or support on an inserting process or software? Or perhaps you have other questions regarding your mailing processes. We are always happy to assist and ready to help your business reach its production potential.

Call us on 0845 680 6060 or get in touch by email.  

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