Mail Handling International invests in a Kern inserter, the right kit for a modern market

Posted on 01 October 2019

Mail Handling International speeds up production with a Kern inserter


As one of Europe's largest independent providers of international mail distribution, Mail Handling International have been providing specialist mail solutions around the world. E-commerce, daily dispatches, global loyalty mailings and DM communications are just some of the areas where they have applied their winning formula.

Growth in the last 12 - 18 months led to a need for new equipment, and MHI purchased a Kern 3500 high speed inserter which allowed them to speed up their production and ensure deadlines were met. By integrating the Kern solution into their production, MHI were able to run 3 times faster than their existing equipment.

Paul Brown, CEO says "for us it was a combination of speed, price and footprint that we were looking at and this particular Kern machine hit a sweet spot". Paul sees their investment in the Kern machine as "investing in the right bit of kit going forward for a modern market".

You can read more about this success story here.

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