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Self mailer for personalised sealed and secure mailers - up to 30,000 mailers per hour

TransPromo applications are of growing significance to customers who need to include client specific marketing information within each invoice, bill or statement.  Significant growth in these personalised applications comes from monochrome and full colour digital print on-demand systems with their ability to use plain paper and add forms, customer account data and include different images to each page relating to each customers' specific interests.

PageMailer takes the on-demand capability of printing, producing personalised sealed and secure mailers that give higher response rates, higher productivity and added value to your clients' business.

PageMailer cost effectively supports these applications, by using normal plain paper in medium and high volume production environments at up to 30,000 mailers/hour.


  • PageMailer produces sealed, secure one piece mailers on-demand in C-fold, Z-Fold and Single Fold formats at up to 30,000 mailers / hour.
  • Digital printing on-demand with normal plain paper and finishing on-demand with PageMailer gives big cost savings and efficiency gains, no waiting for pre-printed / pre-glued forms.
  • Fast start up and job completion times.
  • Good for short or long print runs, use plain paper and digitally print the mailer on-demand.
  • Big cost savings - pre-glued forms are more expensive. PageMailer uses normal plain paper and cold, water based glue to produce sealed and secure one-piece mailers in C-Fold, Z-Fold and Single-Fold formats.
  • Greener solution as an envelope is not required to mail a single sheet – kinder to the environment.
  • Improved production efficiency as printers run better (pre-glued forms may contaminate the printer causing jams, down-time and higher service costs) PageMailer uses normal plain paper that runs smoothly through any printer.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Eliminates storage costs and delays.
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