Document Control


As an expansion of MailFactory Validation, MailFactory Document Control enables the active control of processing at the document level. On the basis of the mail-piece ID read on a document, the software issues database-derived instructions to the inserting system, telling it how the document should be collated. Thus the control information for an inserting system can be handled separately from the printed information, which means that it can be revised during the course of production.  As with Mailfactory validation client/server, Mailfactory document control supports simultaneous processing of a job across multiple Inserting systems

Media Control is an added option for Mailfactory document control. In addition to the identification of documents, Media Control identifies and ensures that the correct insert and correct envelope are used in an environment where mandatory information has to be processed with total accuracy.

Output Control Supports additional functions at the output of the inserting system.  These functions include printing addresses on windowless envelopes.