Kern 3500 Silverline

Your key to successful, flexible, high-speed mailing

The Kern 3500 SilverLine is a further development of the tried and tested Kern 3500. The experiences of our customers served as the foundation for the improvements made on the Kern 3500.

Capable of operating at speeds of up to 24,000 cycles per hour while processing either C6/5 or C5 envelopes, the SilverLine meets the market's highest standards.

Thanks to the latest servo-motor-based technology, the Kern 3500 SilverLine now runs even more smoothly and reliably. For customers with frequently changing jobs who seek to minimise their change-over times, the optimal solution is a Kern 3500 SilverLine combined with a Kern 996 and a Kern PrintModule.

The Kern 996 high-performance cutter is able to separate as many as 66,000 sheets per hour, thus providing the requisite input. During the development of the Kern 996, the focus was on making operation as simple as possible. For example, loading the paper requires only two or three manual actions.

The Kern PrintModule makes it possible to print data and logos on envelopes selectively while the Kern 3500 SilverLine is running at top speed. Printing in full colour at resolutions as high as 600 x 600 dpi, the PrintModule delivers excellent results.

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