The Kern 3800, a new dimension in inserting technology. High performance, simple and efficient inserting, in all potential applications.

Intelligent inserting means preventive machine behaviour in order to ensure constant and high process security. The system detects potential disturbance factors and responds to them with no external intervention.

The innovative arrangement of the components and a paper path without lateral change of direction, creates a simple and low number of adjustments to different jobs. The mechanically automated conversion can be reduced to a minimum which is not yet available on the market.

Increased application flexibility

The highly modular potential configurations allow tailored solutions and formats to be created for any customer requirements. There are two basic systems on offer: the K3700 and the K3800. These can be supplemented or modified with various input and output configurations. This provides the greatest possible protection for your investment.

User friendly operation

  • Intuitive user support through easily and quickly understood graphical information for efficient system application.
  • The individual sections, such as the grouping table, insert feeding stations or folding stations, are easily accessible to operating personnel.
  • The machine layout, maintained in a straight line, allows efficient logistics for the products to be processed.

Kern 3800 highlights

  • Visualised live tracking provides the user with maximum possible transparency.
  • Max continuous form cutter output: 110,000 documents per hour
  • The Kern 3800 detects white paper zones automatically. White paper areas are diverted locally and automatically, thus eliminating the need for manual handling.
  • The system can be equipped with up to 10 feeding stations, thus allowing the widest range of inserts to be fed. To do this, frictional and rotational feeders can be used, including three different stream feeders.
  • The smart inserting module detects any incorrectly inserted documents or wrong envelopes fed during the insertion process and diverts them without interruption. This function prevents subsequent errors and provides continuous processing.
  • Vertical Setup Change created a new dimension in terms of various format dependent applications. Instead of horizontal displacement which requires precise positioning, vertical displacement can be carried out quickly and securely.
  • A format and fold independent output area achieves a hitherto unmatched level of production reliability.
  • Three different output variants allow an optimal layout to be created for existing space conditions or processes.
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