Kern 4700 Multi-Purpose Inserting System

Highly versatile, the Kern 4700 inserter excels as a multi-purpose inserter. Able to use a number of different feeders, the Kern 4700 can process a wide variety of jobs to meet the demands of many diverse industries.


High Volume Performance
The Kern 4700 was designed to handle both large and small sized envelopes at high speed. It's capable of inserting C6/DL to B4 formats and every size in between at a maximum speed of 10,000 per hour.

Modular: Protection for your investment
The Kern 4700 has a unique modular design. Feeders can be changed, turned and upgraded as needed, allowing for future expansion of the system and added protection to the value of your investment.

Heavy duty construction and flexible configuration come as standard, as well as:

  • high net output with sizes from C6/DL to B4
  • flexibility
  • Modularity
  • ergonomic design
  • low cost of ownership

Feeder Solutions
Different feeder modules in various mountings on the Kern 4700 enables a wide variety of jobs to be run. This is all due to the shuttle and rotary feeder being interchangeable, and the ability to turn the rotary feeder 90'.

  • Friction feeders
  • Gimmick feeders 
  • Folding feeders 
  • Pick & Place feeder
  • 180' turned feeders

Unique flexibility

This system gives you the opportunity to run almost any kind of product such as magazines, coupons, cheque books, CDs and more...

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To find out how your business can benefit from this latest innovation from the Kern range, call us now or speak with one of our product experts.