Intelligent inserting at its fastest

The Ai 33 High Speed Intelligent Inserter

Leading the way to production mail excellence, the Ai-33 is capable of speeds, intelligence, and production efficiencies previously unavailable on production mail inserting systems. This system is capable of exceeding the fastest input speeds available today, inserting at 33,000 mailpieces per hour, while simultaneously assuring the highest document integrity and delivering the lowest overall cost per piece in the industry. Featuring a modular design, the Ai-33Direct allows for future expansion and incorporation of additional modules or system enhancements.  


The Ai-33Direct has been designed for mailers that do not need a front-end option, who would also benefit from a higher processing speed of 33,000 mailpieces per hour. Featuring the most intelligent electronic control system, the Ai-33Direct combines top performance controls with unique safety features. 

In integrating Ethercat technology, the Ai-33Direct benefits from a single communication system for controlling safety information and functions, including a seamless integration of safety concepts into the overall machine design, real-time response, and flexible speed options.  

Processing on the fly ensures exact precision of documents along the paper track when producing mail at top speeds.  Featuring a centralized communication system, the Ai-33Direct communicates more effectively and simultaneously with each module, transferring data more efficiently. 

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