Kern 6 Series Systems


These compact inserting systems allow for various solutions for many different applications and ranges of formats. The models are all proven mail production systems that can be easily programmed to processes different applications. Depending on the model, Kern T Line systems are available as offline or online installations with the capability of processing up to 8,000 document inserts per hour.


An off-line inserting system for processing stacked cut forms and enclosures. Outstanding features of the Kern 606 inserting systems are the ability to process large format documents, the simple operation and the compact modular design.

An on-line inserting system with or without optical mark/barcode reading for processing continuous forms and enclosures.

An inserting system that cuts, folds, inserts continuous forms and single pages and seals envelopes at a high output rate, all in one single operation.

An off-line folding and inserting system with optical mark/barcode reading for processing cut forms and enclosures from the stack.

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