Consultancy offered by Kern provides our customers with over 60 years of production mail experience, including technical innovation and production methodology.Consultancy

Our expert teams in the UK and worldwide have developed systems and solutions that focus on delivering high productivity in the modern day production environment. Working with our customers in a strategic partnership, we listen to ensure both our customers and Kern are able to achieve success. In successful mailing operations you need the cooperation of your stakeholders, from suppliers with systems and materials, to operators, supervisors and management.

We are committed to ensuring our customers achieve their organisational objectives with a balanced solution of the correct systems in the right quantities, software, operators, material specifications, work flow and logistics. Making the most of our outstanding technical expertise is what we do best, by establishing a mutually beneficial partnership of technology and operational skills.

The success of our diverse range of customers is the most important part of our business. At Kern, we deliver comprehensive solutions that provide customers with quality, productivity, profit improvement and most of all, value for money.