Mail Sortation 4000R


Throughput up to 40,000 mailpieces per hour - letter and postcard sorter

NP4000R sorter represents a significant step forward in fast, efficient mail sorting. Multi-level, single-sided pocket layout allows greater ease and speed of sweeping, reduced power consumption, low maintenance costs, and the lowest noise levels in the industry.


  • High-speed, reconditioned sorting system
  • Distributed motor system reduces power consumption and machine downtime via transmission free drive system
  • Processing speeds up to 40,000 letters an hour
  • Handles virtually all letters and postcard mail
  • Ability to expand from 20 to 1,000 bin destinations
  • Patented anti-jamming technology
  • The best multi-line Optical Character Reader (OCR) in the industry
  • Omni-directional software-based Barcode Reader
  • Processes Incoming and Outgoing letter mail as well as customer specific applications
  • Complete software-based Diagnostic and Statistical/Management Reports Package
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Royal Mail logo   Kern supply and maintain NPI sorters in the UK able to handle a full range of Royal Mail retail and wholesale mailsort products as well as third party downstream access providers such as TNT and UK Mail.
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