Mail sortation Vsort



Letter and Large Letter sorter running up to 24,000 per hour

The Vsort has revolutionized large letter sorting technology. It handles letters and large letters up to .6” thick. With its combination of speed and features like patented anti-jam technology, this amazing sorter minimizes the need for human intervention. This translates to real cost savings and improved profits for your company.

Sorting to Royal Mail mailsort rules via Optical Character Recognition (OCR) reading full address and postcode or via Customer Barcode (CBC) reading.

Produces reports and labels as required for Royal Mail mailsort.

Produces reports and labels for posting via Down Stream Access providers (such as TNT and UK Mail).

The machine also supports Condition 9 agreements both Zonal and National.


  • Throughputs up to 24,000 letters and 18,000 large letters per hour
  • Modular design permits greater customization of size and function (optical/barcode reader systems), as well as the ability to accommodate future growth
  • Optional stacker design allows for pockets, chutes or a combination of both
  • Advanced sweep-less pocket design and optional integrated conveyor system reduce labour costs
  • Distributed, transmission-free motor system reduces power consumption and downtime
  • Can be configured for incoming, outgoing and interoffice mailings
  • Extensive diagnostics
  • Accommodates large letters up to 1/2″ thick
  • Statistical management reports package
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Royal Mail logo   Kern supply and maintain NPI sorters in the UK able to handle a full range of Royal Mail retail and wholesale mailsort products as well as third party downstream access providers such as TNT and UK Mail.
  View Royal Mail:  Mailsort website    Wholesale website

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