Packets sortation Xstream


Packets and Large Letter sorter running up to 30,000 per hour

The Xstream has the ability to sort large letters and packets to different bin destinations such as tubs, sacks and gondolas. With its ergonomic design, the Xstream is perfect for any processing environment. 


  • Throughput up to 30,000 packets and large letters per hour
  • Small footprint
  • Incoming and Outgoing mail processing
  • Sorts plastic, poly wrap, boxes, large letters and most non-machinable pieces
  • Integrates with existing conveyor systems
  • Multiple output options including tubs, sacks and gondolas
  • Windows operating system software
  • Weigh On The Fly available
  • OCR and BCR capable
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Royal Mail logo   Kern supply and maintain NPI sorters in the UK able to handle a full range of Royal Mail retail and wholesale mailsort products as well as third party downstream access providers such as TNT and UK Mail.
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