Serial and / or Parallel OMR marks

Marks known as OMR control characters are printed in designated areas of a form called coding or read zones. These marks are detected during paper feed by optical sensors known as OMR read heads. The reflection of each character as the marks pass under the read heads creates an electronic signal that is then sent to the module, or system microprocessor to be interpreted, or decoded. The position within the read zone of each OMR mark dictates which machine function it will activate.

Using OMR it is possible to carry out such processes as inserting a variable number of documents and enclosures into an envelope and processing the package on the basis of various criteria.

OMR + 1D + 2D + OCR

Some customers have ‘legacy’ OMR applications as well as Bar-code, Data-Matrix and OCR applications. Kern found that in some cases a camera based technology provided the most cost effective and flexible solution.

The range of reading devices available, combined with the flexibility of Kern’s software, enables almost all types of codes and reading logics to be read.

Within the Technical Support Team are specialists who have many years of experience and can quickly find solutions to customer’s reading requirements. On occasions, the team have been challenged to provide diverse reading solutions for example, codes printed with invisible ink or reading magnetic ink (MICR).



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