Operator Attendance Course


5 day course, focusing on:

  • Health & Safety
  • Material handling and storage
  • Basic machine application set up

This course can be run for up to four operators at a time. No previous experience with the machine is necessary as the trainer will start with the basics and move on to the more detailed aspects of the machine. If operators have some knowledge of the machine then the basics can be reviewed fairly quickly and more emphasis can be put on the practical sections of the course, such as fault finding and Q&A.

/resized images/safety_first_sizedlb7 Safe working practices and best practices for increased machine performance are emphasised throughout the course.
/resized images/test_paper_sizedlb7 Each attendee receives a professional training manual and has to complete a Health & Safety and machine test papers at the end of the course. All receive a pass or fail grade.

Revisit after one week for 1 day evaluation and feedback:

  • Workshop feedback.
  • Practical and written tests.
  • High level overview of clean and inspect using TPM methodology.
  • Certificate awarded.
/resized images/training_sizedlb8 Employees trained the Kern way can be an enormous asset to a company, being already familiar with production techniques and processes. They are a valuable resource for identifying inefficient or unnecessary production steps.
/resized images/lean_ball_sizedlb7 Training is an integral part of a business's lean journey introducing new sets of skills and ways of thinking. It unlocks the potential of each employee, improving problem solving skills, reducing waste, errors and downtime.
/resized images/time_to_save_sizedlb7 Kern has a training solution to help every customer keep equipment in top working condition to help avoid costly breakdowns and delays in production.
Our training specialists are experts in lean process improvement techniques which can:
reduce overall production costs
reduce waste, defects and costly errors
speed up production processes
improve productivity and employee engagement
/resized images/six_sigma_sizedlb Our training specialists are experts in lean process improvement techniques which can reduce overall production costs, reduce waste, defects and costly errors, speed up production processes, improve productivity and employee engagement.