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With the booming online shopping market demanding more paper, plastic and cardboard packaging, Kern has developed its own smart multi format packaging system with dynamic sizing, insertion and package closure.

This unique and innovative packaging system creates the perfect smart package using our patented form of corrugated cardboard box which provides protected transport for packages, space saving storage and straighforward handling for sorting and stacking.

The PackOnTime system produces tailor made boxes in the optimal size for each item which can be inserted directly into the box with no requirement for any filling material such as polystyrene.

The patented box is made from a flat corrugated cardboard sheet, is relatively light weight and its dimensions are continuosly adapted to the item. The box can be easily opened without tools and re-used to return the item if required. Despite its amazing functionality, the finished package has a high quality finish and presentation, and can be personalised with your own brand messaging and graphics.

With the ever increasing focus on sustainability and the environment, this system uses corrugated cardboard made from recycled paper, requires no filling material and removes the need to manufacture large quantities of identical boxes.

Key facts:

  • The packaging provides optimal protection of the item during transit
  • The patented shape fixes the contents in place with no additional fill material
  • Allows stress-free package opening without the need for tools
  • Package is immediately reusable for returns
  • Postage costs are reduced for thinner items
  • Attractive presentation due to the high quality of the box

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To find out more about this smart packaging system, get in touch with us by sending us an email or calling us on 0845 680 6060.