Pete Jolley


Pete JolleyPete Jolley heads up the senior management team at Kern and has an extensive engineering background, particularly in high speed technologies for the print and mail industry.

Reporting to Mr Uli Kern, President of the Kern Group with its head offices in Switzerland, Pete believes he leads an outstanding team here in the UK delivering honest, straightforward and transparent sales and maintenance to packaging, mailing and mailsort customers.

He is personally involved throughout the business, but empowers all Kern people to be creative and responsible for their roles. His expectations of Kern people are high.

Pete is passionate about doing everything he can to give young people a start in working life with apprenticeships or similar schemes, believing they derive great benefits and that they bring significant contributions to the long term success of the business.

A member of the Institute of Directors, Pete is an active member of the Hampshire Chambers of Commerce.