Plastic Card Affixing to Carrier

The Kern 90 Card System is a groundbreaking solution that is ideally suited to the high standards and complex technical requirements of today's plastic card industry. 

Our solution designed for the needs of the mid-range sector is the Kern 91, providing reliability, accuracy and quality of presentation, which are three of the key considerations when it comes to sending cards to your customers.

For the low to mid range, the Kern 92 Card Mailing System is the answer for businesses who need a cost effective and compact machine for low volume, intensive production.

Our gift card system, the K90 GFT, is specifically aimed at gift card producers and is the most versatile machine on the market, satisfying the requirement for gift card carriers to have real marketing impact and appeal, offering an economical, efficient and innovative solution for this type of production.

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The Kern 90 Card System - up to 7,000 card placements per hour

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The K91 Card System -a simple mid ange solution -up to 4,000 card placements per hour.


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The Kern 90 GFT System - versatile solution for gift cards

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The Kern 92 Card Mailing System - for low to mid range volumes.


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