Plastic Card Affixing K90


The Kern 90 Card System

The Kern 90 Card System is a genuinely ground-breaking solution that is ideally suited to the high standards and complex technical requirements of today’s plastic card industry

Recognised for its extremely versatile and modular design, the system’s pick and place robot allows up to eight cards to be placed anywhere on the document, while its linear structure allows for throughput of up to 7,000 cards per hour.

The use of a pick and place robot allows cards of varying thicknesses, sizes and forms to be processed. This means that your marketing team can give its imagination free rein in designing of different cards.

User friendly software allows for a database controlled procedure where all cards are compared with the carrier document and inserts, and are then validated and inserted. Each processing step is monitored, and an ergonomic user interface makes system operation extremely simple and intuitive. And what’s more, all product information is available for ad hoc evaluation purposes.

The Kern 90 Card System can be connected to a Kern 2500 or 2600 inserting system – which means that you can continue to use their systems to process “standard” insertions. This means you get a two in one system. .


  • Cards can be positioned on the carrier at speeds of up to 7,000 cards per hour
  • Patented Robot Technology for card application - faster accuracy with less intervention 
  • High level of versatility in card attachment - affix at any angle from 0° to 360°
  • The integrated vision system makes it easy to program and set up the module
  • Cards can be attached to the carrier with glue or double-sided adhesive
  • No need for maintenance
  • Automatic adjustments for job changing

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