Kern 90 GFT for Gift Cards


The Kern 90 GFT Card System

In the Gift Card sector, the need for producers to be able to deal with different processes with various types of packaging or presentation is growing. Design, style and image are paramount in the retail sector if your products are to stand out and achieve major market share.

Up to now most gift card production has been done manually or with semi-manual systems, which results in low productivity and high production costs. The Kern 90 GFT system is an innovative, efficient and economical solution to the challenges of gift card production.

The Kern 90 GFT is a high tech solution capable of performing a wide range of jobs and is currently the most versatile machine on the market, being modular and flexible, easy to configure and retrofit additional modules to adapt to changing workloads.

The Kern 90 GFT is composed of 3 transport roll sections, a feeder for die cut pre-creased material, a card feeder with readers, 2 series of hot melt glue guns, a section to fold and seal die cut material and a shingling conveyor at the end to collect the processed product.

An innovative control system completes the configuration, capable of validating and verifying the whole production process, offering real quality control and peace of mind, and of course increased profitability.


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