K91 Card System


Kern 91 Card Mailing System - The simple user friendly solution for mid-range volumes

The Kern 91 is the next generation of automatic card affixing and mailing systems. A simple A-Z solution designed for the needs of the mid-range sector, the Kern 91 achieves up to a maximum speed of 4,000 card placements per hour.

Kern 91 focuses on easy operation and being user friendly, making the system simple to set-up and use. With simplified modules and advanced electronics, the time spent setting jobs is reduced to zero. For bulk volumes or shorter intensive jobs, a sequence of guided steps on the control panel enables automatic and quick preparation, making mechanical intervention practically null.

The compact and functional design is another main attraction of the Kern 91. Occupying a small space and configured to be run by one operator, it’s extremely cost effective. Entirely Kern made, ergonomic, built with top quality and solid material for optimum throughput and security operations, the Kern 91 excels in intensive 24 x 7 production environments.


• Patented Robot Technology for card application - faster accuracy with less intervention.
• A compact automatic folding system to be faster on various solutions using less space.
• Inbuilt inserting module from Kern’s consolidated enveloping technology - no connection to external units.

The Kern 91 provides an integrated solution to enhance top level integrity.

• Each card and carrier is identified to ensure the correct combination. 
• Each piece is constantly monitored along the system and generates a tracking record. 
• Miss-reading, irregular proceeding or malfunctions either divert or halt the system. 
• The Kern 91 can integrate a series of checkpoints for clearer processing accuracy.

Needs change over time so flexibility is essential to allow for a wider range of customer driven applications.

• Variable number of cards (up to 4) and position on each mail piece within the same job.
• Variable carrier sizes, number of pages per mail-piece with one to one communication (if printer connected).
• Simple counting, matching, read and print, selected cards download.
• Variable folds: “C” - “Z” - “G” - "S", half fold, no fold, regular or irregular.
• Various envelope formats with addition of one or more inserts in matching or selective mode.


Performance & Cost Effectiveness
Kern 91 productivity is the result of a combination of features for maximum time efficiency.

• High speed placement.
• Faster set up time and changes from job to job.
• Series of measures on the individual components to sensibly reduce down-time.

In case of miss-reading, non-application and rejects, the Kern 91 can realign itself automatically. The system assures higher productivity leading to a lower cost per single unit.

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