Print/Colour Validation

Faster web speeds increase the risk of errors and increase production inspection costs. Customers in the Graphic arts, Direct Mail, Transpromo, transactional, insurance and financial industries demand zero defect production.

Kern print validation systems deliver print quality monitoring and data tracking capabilities to improve production quality and reduce waste. 

DataTracker Kern 135 full-width Integrity systems is a state-of-the-art high speed, high resolution line scan camera that checks the full web width up to 200m/min giving you full control of printed output to detect data errors, monitor print quality, manage re-prints and offer a full track & trace audit trail. 

DataVision7000 is a powerful scanner for the inspection of printed sheets produced on any type of printing system with a maximum capture area of 70 x 100 cm. lt has been designed particularly for printing environments where a high Ievel of quality control is necessary such as industrial packaging and security printing.

K135   DataVision 7000  

Data Tracker K135

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DataVision 7000 Scanner

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