Secure Passport Delivery

Secure Passport

This unique solution uses a poly wrapping technique to securely wrap a passport.

The personalised passports are received in batches and loaded on to the feeder.

The operator starts every batch via the Kern operating system software entering the correct batch code. This process can also be automated with a 1D, 2D or OCR hand held reader.

When the code is verified the feeder will push the first passport in to the Kern solution and the following processes will commence;

  • Passport feeding
  • Contact-less chip reading and verifying
  • Passport identification
  • Batch continuity control (ID present on Database)
  •  Securely poly wrap the single passport
  • Print, match and apply the label to the securely packed passport
  •  Read the 1D, 2D or OCR printed on label and verify) If there’s a security issue with any packet, it will be rejected
  • All rejected packets will be collected in a hopper for manual checking. The rejected packet will also be noted on the audit report
  • Good packets will exit on to a conveyor
  • Each passport is tracked throughout the process
  • A complete audit report will be created and be available for export

Kern has a number of devices to collate passports in batches (location, region, or country) then strap and pack in trays/boxes ready for transportation.

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