Skills Assessment Course

Half day session, focusing on:

  • Timed system tasks
  • Operator performance
/resized images/skills_resizedlb
/resized images/read_more_sizedlb7 This session can be run for up to 2 operators at a time. This course is recommended for operators who have not been assessed through a formal training course and are probably at basic operator level. 
/resized images/engineer_no_logo_sizedlb7 Each attendee is set a range of tasks on their machine which must be completed within certain time limits. Our training specialist Gary will access their performance to identify what skill level they are at, and recommend the appropriate training plan.
/resized images/benefits_sized The key benefits of this course are that it enables employers to select those operators with the aptitude and talent to move up to the next level of training. 

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Employees trained the Kern way can be an enormous asset to a company, being already familiar with production techniques and processes. They are a valuable resource for identifying inefficient or unnecessary production steps.

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Training is an integral part of a business's lean journey introducing new sets of skills and ways of thinking. It unlocks the potential of each employee, improving problem solving skills, reducing waste, errors and downtime. 

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Kern has a training solution to help every customer keep equipment in top working condition to help avoid costly breakdowns and delays in production.

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Our training specialists are experts in lean process improvement techniques which can reduce overall production costs, reduce waste, defects and costly errors, speed up production processes, improve productivity and employee engagement.