24/7 Smart Terminals

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Automated parcel lockers for simple and flexible package delivery

24/7 Smart Terminals are very easy to explain: They are parcel and goods delivery terminals controlled by intelligent software connnected to the Internet which enable secure goods delivery even if the sender and recipient are not present at the same time.

Kern 24/7 are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer the best solution to optimise internal post securely. Private packages for employees can even be received in their workplace.

These systems are based on modular, non-refrigerated or refrigerated lockers and can be customised extensively to suit particular needs. An ergonomically designed user interface ensures secure operation and guarantees that only recipients specified by the sender can access the stored goods.

Internal processes in companies can be simplified with a Kern Smart Terminal where it becomes the interface to courier services and cuts down waiting time. This system simplifies the distribution of business and private mail and enables more efficient workflows in the mailroom.

Customers decide where and when to pick up their parcels from easy and intuitive lockers, perfect for e-commerce in B2C or B2B with last mile delivery optimised.

Sensors in each compartment provide high levels of safety and security for delivery and return of packages.

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Easy to use - here's how:

  • The customer places an order online. The sender agrees with the recipient that his shipment can be picked up at a particular parcel terminal location.
  • The supplier places the parcel intended for the recipient in a 24/7 Smart Terminal.them  the security code.
  • The recipient picks up the parcel. Then the 24/7 Smart Terminal informs the sender that delivery has been made.

Kern City Terminals

Used in public spaces such as train stations, petrol stations, supermarkets etc. Installed in locations with easy access and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ideal for the B2C commerce sector, these lockers enable secure and easy delivery of parcels all day every day and can be installed indoors or outside.

Kern Home Terminals

Designed for domestic use for neighbourhood communities. Often installed in entrance halls to larger buildings, these lockers offer residents the convenience of being able to collect their parcels when leaving or returning home. Kern Home Terminals are equipped with the same advanced technology as Kern City Terminals.

Kern Refrigerated and Freezer Terminals

These lockers enable the temporary storage of food without interrupting the refrigeration chain.These terminals are fully automated and can be managed remotely.Its secure temperature range ensure that chilled foods are maintained at +1 to +5 degrees, and frozen products at between -18 and -20 degrees. Absolute security for the safe storage of fresh and frozen purchases, and of course pharmaceutical products.

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