Kern Vertical Conveyor


If mailpieces leave your document inserting system standing up instead of lying down, that means you have more room, and that's just what's achieved by the Vertical Conveyor from Kern.

With a capacity four times greater than that of conventional systems, it demands less in terms of time and energy from your operating personnel.

The Vertical Conveyor makes the removal of finished mailpieces much more convenient: Upright envelopes don't have to be shoved together and then straightened up. In no time your letters are in the mail tray. Very clever, this Vertical Conveyor by Kern!

Additional Advantages:

  • The possibilities for adjustment are extremely well thought out and user-friendly.
  • To facilitate the separation of mailpiece groups, marking devices can be installed. These make it easy to see exactly where postal codes change.
  • You can regulate the belt speed according to the thickness of mail pieces.
  • The Vertical Conveyor is compatible with a variety of inserting systems.


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