Kern Vertical Stacker

More output space - the Vertical Stacker can accommodate up to 2,000 envelopes.

Set up and stacking of envelopes including measuring the thickness. The processed envelopes leave the Kern inserting system in a standing position. This results in significantly easier removal, and the stack doesn't require smoothing. With a handle the envelopes are ready for further processing.

Format settings can be made mechanically,the control is effected directly by the processing Kern inserting system.

The system has a maximum performance of up to 27,000 envelopes/hour (depending on the inserting system) and the stacking capacity is about 2,000 packings depending on the thickness of the envelope and content. Intelligent monitoring checks the run and reports when the vertical stacker is full.

Additional Advantages:

  • Thickness measurement means that even with varying envelope thicknesses, virtually no adjustment is required during operation.
  • A marking device is available for group separation.
  • Stack capacity increase ( 150 mm ) with unchanged external dimensions.
  • The Vertical Stacker is compatible with a variety of inserting systems.


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